Welcome to our Service

We want to introduce you to our service, explain what we provide as well as our values and priorities.

Our service provides a range of choices for people with relational, psychological and emotional needs. Our intention is to combine individualized and evidence-based interventions within a respectful, collaborative and supportive setting. Careful assessment and the development of a plan with clear goals and steps towards your desired outcome are central to our service. The core aim is to improve life functioning and remove problems that get in the way of pursuit of your goals. We work with you to make things better.

How do we make things better?

Good question. It’s all about you! Here are some of the possible choices our service offers:

  • Understanding what is important to you and working with your values and preferences
  • Filling in gaps in the information you have (psychoeducation)
  • Providing skills in communication, emotional regulation, social and life skills
  • Empowering you by increasing hope and positive expectancy
  • Improving the quality of your relationships
  • Taking a holistic approach which pays attention to:
  •  Physical health (sleep, rest, exercise and nutrition);
  •  Psychological or mental health including rumination, overthinking and psychological causes of distress
  • The quality of your relationships, including identifying toxic relationships as well as those that bring satisfaction and contentment
  • Spiritual factors such as what brings peace, joy, hope and meaning into your life

This is a snapshot of a range of possibilities that can support you in living out your chosen life and strengthening your right and ability to personal choice.

Our values and priorities

Safe and respectful collaboration with each person we have the privilege to serve is the first foundation of our service. Safety includes providing emotionally safe service as well as working with you to ensure you are safe, secure and fulfilled in your life. Respect includes careful listening, treating you as one who is deserving of kindness and courtesy. We are not a “one-size fits all” service. We see you as the individual you are, and work with you to tailor an individualized plan for recovery. We respect your right to make choices, and to have these seen as important.  

Empowerment is another value, to empower or encourage means to put strength into and give you wings to fly. Openness and authenticity are further values, we are open to your perspective, needs, values and ideas and will be honest and transparent not only in what we provide but about whom we are as service providers. We look forward to working with you and for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this – your time is valuable and so are you.

The Team at Life Counselling