My approach to supervision

Professional practice which is ethically sensitive and theoretically informed, within an empathic and supportive relationship, is foundational to the way I supervise.        

I make preparation for our consultation: on forwarding your agenda prior to each session, I will make preparation for a professional and informed response to questions, dilemmas and self and client care needs. Your supervision agenda might consist of consultation for the preparation of a treatment plan, assessment of client needs, provision of psycho-education and resources. Senior practitioners often benefit from supervision which raises insight, debates different theoretical lenses through which to organize client experience, identifies and strategizes to respond to client stuck spots, and considers contextual elements.

If a theoretical or practical problem presented in supervision requires additional expertise, I consult with a range of colleagues and professionals.


  • I have a Post-graduate qualification in supervision: Tabor Adelaide.
  • I have attended 8 one-day workshops with Michael Carroll, considered to be an international expert on approaches to supervision.
  • I engage in regular reflective practice and ongoing supervisory competency development via a peer support, supervision for supervisors group.
  • Ongoing engagement with external supervisors who use a range of theories and have expertise in one or more trauma-informed theories.
  • I convene a Trauma Interest Group, to facilitate appropriate competence and the cross fertilization of ideas focused on simple, complex / developmental trauma. All group members have a special interest in the area of trauma. The group has been running for 4 years and is facilitated by a professional with expertise in complex (developmental) trauma and acute and chronic anxiety, who engages a relational approach.
  • Past teaching posts (post-graduate and undergraduate) include Grief and Loss, Trauma, Adolescent Wellbeing (Positive Psychology), Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills.

I intend to provide ethical, professional and cost-effective consultation which is flexible, accountable and transparent. Supervision is a safe space in which to question, reflect, learn, explore, confront, challenge, recharge and renew. Supervision is about empowering you to bring your unique gifts, abilities and innovations with confidence and empathy. There is only one you – and the world needs all you are and all you bring.