Welcome to Life Counselling, providing individualized and evidence-based intervention within a respectful, collaborative and supportive team setting.

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More than the absence of mental illness, mental health allows us to engage with and enjoy life, pursuing healthy goals and living life from our best self. The word “wellbeing” has become popular as a way of explaining how we can feel when our body, mind and emotions work together in a positive, integrated and flexible way. Learning to live fully is a process involving support, information and skills. Let us help you to identify and move towards your ideal life from your best self.

Affordability and effectiveness through careful assessment and goal-focused planning are key objectives at Life Counselling.

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Dominie on behalf of the Life Counselling Team.

How can we Help?


Hello, I’m Dominie Nelson

I am a counsellor, supervisor and educator with nearly 20 years of experience. What’s important to me is that through counselling you are equipped and supported to meet your goals, hopes and dreams. In counselling we work together to identify what gets in the way of you living your chosen life from your best self. Safety and respect are important to me, and I listen carefully so I can understand what is important to you. We all have strengths and abilities and as we talk together we will identify and use your strengths to achieve your dreams.

In my professional life I have lectured and taught counsellors and educators. Subjects I have taught include personal resilience and wellbeing, communication skills, management of and recovery from trauma,  and grief and loss support. I have personal experience in managing health challenges and the impact of abuse and neglect. As a married woman and mother of 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren I have plenty of life experience.

I enjoy all aspects of my work, and have a particular interest in supporting those who have suffered in life and relationships, to make things better for you.